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Welcome to new and improved BlogoPorno.com! If you love porn, then this blog is for you. Cyrano Jones has joined the Juliland Universe and together they wanna share their love of porn. Our goal is simple... Show the best of the best, add a few of our crazy ideas and just have fun. For fuck sake, its just porn and it should be fun.

O Review: Edward Penishands 3: The Next Generation

I hooked up a VCR that I haven’t used since the creation of DVD, to watch the 1991 porn parody Edward Penishands 3: The Next Generation.  I have to say, except for new ones […]

July 2014 O Grrl of the Month: Ash Hollywood_05

Photos Courtesy of Haus of Se7en & AshGirl.com

Our Favorite Webcam Grrls

The boss told me to write this one cuz we watch MFC grrls ALL time while working away at the office.  If you do not know what MFC is, You’re an idiot.  Its fucking […]

July 2014 O Grrl of the Month: Ash Hollywood_04

Photos courtesy of Juliland.com!

O Interview: Mime Freak

What do you love about your job most?
I guess you could say that I love how secluded my job is. I didn’t aim to be a pornographer. I just happened to be at the […]

July 2014 O Grrl of the Month: Ash Hollywood_03

Photos Courtesy of iHeartGirls.com