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Welcome to new and improved BlogoPorno.com! If you love porn, then this blog is for you. Cyrano Jones has joined the Juliland Universe and together they wanna share their love of porn. Our goal is simple... Show the best of the best, add a few of our crazy ideas and just have fun. For fuck sake, its just porn and it should be fun.

July 2014 O Grrl of the Month: Ash Hollywood_04

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O Interview: Mime Freak

What do you love about your job most?
I guess you could say that I love how secluded my job is. I didn’t aim to be a pornographer. I just happened to be at the […]

July 2014 O Grrl of the Month: Ash Hollywood_03

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O Review: Christoph Meets the Angels 3

TITLE: Christoph Meets the Angels 3
CAST: Alexis Brill, Meg Magic, Rosalina Love, Jessica Swan, Babette, Christoph Clark
COMPANY: Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark

Where do I even begin with this train wreck “Christoph Meets The Angels 3” […]

July 2014 O Grrl of the Month: Ash Hollywood_02

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O Review: World Cup 2014

We are in the middle of the 2014 World Cup and so far it has not been a disappointment in anyway.  There has been plenty of drama from day one.  Great goals, magnificent passing, […]